Blockreward is excited to launch an August promotion. For a limited time only, Complete challenges and milestones to collect keys. Use keys to unlock boxes to win up to 1,000 RP.

Promotion period: 16 Aug 2022, 12:00 AM (UTC+8) to 31 Aug 2022, 11:59 PM (UTC+8)

Get started:

Promotion details:

  1. Collect Keys

    Complete any of the challenges and milestones below to collect keys. Note: Challenges can be completed multiple times to collect multiple keys.

    For every 2,400 RP earned from offers
    +3 keys
    For every 1,800 RP earned from apps
    +2 keys
    For every 1,000 RP earned from surveys (excluding screenouts)
    +1 key
    For every 1,000 RP earned from videos
    +1 key

    Reach 5,000 RP earned
    +1 key
    Reach 10,000 RP earned
    +2 keys
    Reach 20,000 RP earned
    +3 keys
    Reach 35,000 RP earned
    +4 keys
    Reach 55,000 RP earned
    +5 keys
    Reach 80,000 RP earned
    +6 keys
    Reach 1100,000 RP earned
    +8 keys
    Reach 150,000 RP earned
    +10 keys
    Reach 200,000 RP earned
    +12 keys

  2. Unlock Boxes

    Use the keys collected to unlock boxes to win up to 1,000 RP. One key unlocks one box.

  3. BONUS: 20% Bonus RP on Surveys

    Get an additional 20% bonus RP on all activities completed under surveys (excluding screenouts).

Terms & conditions:

  • Only the challenges and milestones stated in this help article and on the promotion page are eligible to collect keys. 
  • Keys are automatically collected. Users can check the promotion page to see the number of keys they have collected. One key opens one box.
  • All challenges can be completed multiple times to collect multiple keys.
  • All milestones can only be completed once to collect a fixed number of keys.
  • All activities completed under Offers, Surveys (excluding screenouts), Apps and Videos with status "Pending" or "Credited" are counted towards the challenges and milestones.
  • Users need to manually open the boxes on the promotion page in order to win a reward of up to 1,000 RP. Rewards will be credited in RP upon successfully opening a box.
  • Any keys that are not used to open a box and its associated reward will be forfeited after the promotion period.
  • The 20% bonus RP applies to all activities completed under Surveys during the promotion period with status "Pending" or "Credited" (excluding screenouts). Bonus will be credited in RP and reflected as part of the total amount in the user's earn activity.
  • Blockreward reserves the right to modify the terms of this promotion at our sole discretion.
  • Blockreward reserves the right of final interpretation of this promotion. Any judgements made by Blockreward are final, do not need any justification, and cannot be disputed.