Invite your friends to join Blockreward and both you and your friends will earn referral bonuses. Follow these steps to begin inviting your friends.

  1. Go to Account > Invite.
  2. Click Share referral link to get your referral link. There are two types of referral links:
    • Standard: Referral link with auto generated referral ID.
    • Custom: Referral link with a referral ID of your choice. To create a custom referral ID, enter a referral ID (can only contain alphabets/numbers and between 2 to 25 characters long) and click Create.
  3. Invite your friends to join Blockreward using the standard or custom referral link.
  4. When your friend joins Blockreward and meets the requirements listed on the Invite page, both of you will be instantly credited with a referral bonus. Click on your referral's member ID under Referrals to track their progress.