This FAQ aims to clear any misconceptions that users have regarding screenouts/disqualification, no rewards, availability of surveys and more in order to prevent disappointment when completing surveys.

  1. Where do surveys come from?
    Surveys shown on Blockreward are retrieved from our survey partner who connects to multiple market research companies (Cint, Lucid, PureSpectrum etc) that work directly with thousands of individual businesses or organizations that require research to be done.

  2. Why do I have to repeatedly answer profile questions for every survey?
    When you first started using the surveys section, you are asked to fill up some profile questions which are used to show you relevant surveys. We do our best to show surveys that match your profile. 

    However, some surveys have precise demographic requirements (beyond our initial profile questions) set by the market researchers, hence additional questions are asked to determine if your profile meets their requirements. This is beyond Blockreward's and our survey partner's immediate control and the experience is the same across similar sites.

  3. Why was I screened out/disqualified from a survey?
    As mentioned in point 2, market researchers often want to survey only a precise demographic in order to conduct the most accurate research and to ensure your opinions matter. Hence, when your profile does not meet the additional demographic questions, you are screened out/disqualified from the survey. This is beyond Blockreward's and our survey partner's immediate control.

    In such cases, Blockreward is not paid but you will receive a small screenout reward as a token for your time.

    Note: you might be screened out/disqualified if you provide inconsistent/dishonest answers, caught speeding through the survey or use fraudulent methods to complete the survey. No reward is given in such cases and your account might be suspended.

  4. Is my data deleted when I am screened out/disqualified from a survey?
    Yes. Your data is immediately deleted when you are screened out/disqualified from a survey. Hence, you are not giving your data away for free nor is the market researcher able to "steal" your data. Your data is used only when you complete the survey and are rewarded for it.

  5. I completed a survey but was not rewarded for it
    In most cases, you have most likely been screened out/disqualified from the survey and did not actually complete it (refer to point 3). In rare cases, you can be screened out/disqualified halfway through or nearing the end of the survey. We understand this is frustrating but rest assured that our survey partner is actively working to remove such surveys/researchers.

    Unfortunately, this is beyond Blockreward's and our survey partner's immediate control, as we have no visibility into whether a user has actually completed a survey because this information is not reported to us or our survey partner.

  6. There are no surveys available
    The availability of surveys depends on your demographic as well as the demand from market researchers. This is beyond Blockreward's and our survey partner's immediate control. We recommend you to check back every few days for more surveys.