You can refer your friends to Blockreward using your referral link. For every friend that joins through your referral link and earns, you'll both get up to 2000 b.

Follow these steps to start referring your friends.

  1. Log in and select Refer
  2. Copy your referral link
  3. Share your referral link on social media, write a blog post or make a video about Blockreward!


  • How many friends can I refer?
    You can refer an unlimited number of friends.

  • What are the referral rewards?
    Up to 2000 b per referral. The referral rewards are split into tiers, the more your friend earns, the more referral rewards both of you gets. Its a win-win for both of you! The full referral rewards breakdown can be found on the Refer page.

  • Are referral rewards credited instantly?
    Yes. Once your referral meets the earning criteria, both you and your referral will be credited.

  • How can I track my referral earnings?
    The total number of referrals and referral earnings is shown on the Refer page.