b can be redeemed for cryptocurrency on Blockreward based on its redemption value as displayed upon redemption. Follow these steps to redeem crypto.

  1. Log in and select Wallet > Redeem > Select a cryptocurrency
  2. Ensure that:
    1. Minimum of 1000 b in the available balance
    2. Uphold account is connected
  3. Select the amount of b to redeem. Its value in USD will be displayed.
  4. Confirm that the right Uphold account is linked
  5. Click Redeem
  6. Check your email for a redemption confirmation email
  7. Open the redemption confirmation email and confirm the redemption details. 
  8. Click Confirm Redemption
    Security note: The confirmation link is valid for only 1 hour. Redemption will be automatically cancelled after 1 hour if no confirmation is received.
  9. A confirmation message will appear to indicate that the redemption is successful. Redemption will be processed within 48 hours.