We do not control cashback tracking and crediting. The tracking and crediting of cashback is done via cookies and tracking pixels that report directly to the merchants/advertising agencies. Therefore, you should ensure that your browser is set to allow all cookies and any ad blocker is turned off in order to be properly credited for purchases that you complete. In addition, you should ensure your anti-virus and/or anti-spyware software does not automatically override your browser's cookie settings. 

Here are some common reasons why a cashback did not get tracked or credited.

Common Reasons

  • Item purchased was not eligible for cashback. Refer to the cashback exclusion section on the individual store page.
  • Item purchased was returned, exchanged or cancelled
  • Did not clickthrough Blockreward for every new transaction
  • Shopping cart was not emptied before purchasing
  • Tracking of cashback is not instant and may take up to 48 hours. Refer to the track days on the individual store page.

If you feel that these reasons do not apply to your case, follow these steps.

  1. Contact us with
    1. Store name
    2. Date of purchase
    3. Products purchased and purchase amount
    4. Cashback to be received in USD
    5. Any relevant screenshots as proof of purchase
  2. We will investigate and track/credit you if you are found to have successfully completed the purchase and the purchase is eligible for cashback. This might take up to 2 weeks. However, we provide no guarantee that the cashback will be tracked/credited as the merchant/advertiser has the final say.