Follow these earning tips before attempting a task to ensure that you are successfully credited for every task completed.

  • Allow cookies and disable ad blocker

  • Read and follow all task instructions

  • Always provide valid or truthful information while attempting the task

  • Do not use anonymous IP services (VPN, proxy or Tor) or any other services that can hide your real IP address

  • Do not use any fraudulent or dishonest method to complete a task

  • Do not attempt any task that redirects to another site that has nothing to do with the name or task instructions

  • Tasks are usually credited instantly after completion. In some instances, there might be a credit delay of a few hours/days as advertisers have to manually approve each completed task.

  • Tasks worth more than 3000 b will be locked and b credited into your pending balance. Task will automatically unlock (when unlock time is reached as displayed in the task history) and b credited into available balance. Level up to shorten lock time.