We do not control task crediting. The tracking and crediting of task is done via cookies and tracking pixels that report directly to our advertising partners. Therefore, you should ensure that your browser is set to allow all cookies and any ad blocker is turned off in order to be properly credited for tasks that you attempt. In addition, you should ensure your anti-virus and/or anti-spyware software does not automatically override your browser's cookie settings.


Here are some common reasons why a task did not credit.

Common Reasons

  • The task you attempted is worth more than 3000 b. In this case, the task has been successfully tracked and b credited into your pending balance. Task will automatically unlock (when unlock time is reached as displayed in the task history) and b credited into available balance.
  • Did not follow the task instructions fully
  • Did not provide valid or truthful information while attempting the task
  • Cookies was turned off or ad blocker was enabled on your browser which prevents us from tracking and crediting the completed task
  • Anonymous IP services (VPN, proxy or Tor) or any other services that can hide your real IP address was used to complete tasks
  • Task only credits after a few hours or days
  • The task is capped, expired, or unavailable
  • Attempted a task that had nothing to do with the name or task instructions
  • Attempted a task that is not available in your country
  • Attempted a task using a phone emulator/simulator
  • Some fraudulent or dishonest method was used to complete the task

If you feel that these reasons do not apply to your case, follow these steps to get credited.