Blockreward has a leveling system that rewards users for being active. To view your current level, go to Account > Level.

How to level up

Your level is determined by your total earned in RP, listed on the Level page. Only RP earned from surveys, apps and videos with status "Credited" are counted towards the total earned. To unlock the next level, you will need to meet the total earned requirements listed on the Level page.

Level benefits

Each level has improved benefits that will boost your earnings and unlock new bonuses. Full details of the benefits are listed on the Level page.

Level up bonus: One-time bonus when you unlock a new level.

Earn extra RP: Get bonus RP on all activities completed from surveys, apps and videos.

Faster crediting: Earn activities worth 5,001 RP and above will be credited faster.

Higher quest rewards: Earn higher rewards on specific quests.